Popcorn ceiling removal

Refinishing of a stucco ceiling. Home renos ottawa

Removal of stucco and smothing.


Do I Have Popcorn Ceilings?

Popcorn, stucco or accoustic ceilings are so called due to the texture consisting of small bumps that look rough and jagged in nature. The style was popular in the 70s and 80s because it would easily hide small issues such as dents or otherwise so the builder could avoid needing it to be perfectly smooth. It also worked as another layer to muffle sound. However, in modern homes there are much more enticing ways to address these issues which is why it’s no longer utilized.

Why Remove Them?

Popcorn, stucco or acoustic ceilings, as previously mentioned, are no longer the look of modern homes. No matter how hard you’ve worked to that gorgeous look for your home specific, gorgeous look for your household, it will be undermined by these types of ceilings. If you plan to sell eventually you may have a hard time as well due to the lack of interest in them. Yellowing is common issue with popcorn ceilings, especially if there is any moisture and some may even contain asbestos if your home was built in the 1970s. Whether the concern is health or aesthetic, overall it’s best to just remove and smooth them!

We’ll Handle It All For You

Allowing experts to take care of this service is certainly the best practice. Especially due to the fact that asbestos could be involved and is highly dangerous if inhaled. On all jobsites, the room will be covered with plastic so there won’t be any mess left over once we’ve completed. Once completed, we can then sand and smooth the substrate before it’s primed and painted.

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